Here are some ideas for prizes for our fundraiser:

  • Gift Cards

  • Gift Baskets

  • Getaways

  • Wine Tasting

  • Movie Tickets

  • Golf 

Where is sponsorship needed?

The only way a program like this can be sucessful is with the help of  volunteers as well as sponsors!  How can you Help?

Do you own a business and need a tax write-off?  Are you a parent that just wants to help? If you help sponsor our fundraiser it is tax deductble!

Have you already sponsored us?  Download the sponsorship form here!



We need volunteers, and we greatly appreciate volunteers!!!  Are you wondering how you can help?

We need volunteers for the following:

  • Coaching a Saturday Team

  • Coaching a Competition Team

  • Parent Liason

  • Uniform (sizing, and distribution of uniforms, bows, etc) 

  • Fundraising setup

  • Fundraising Cleanup 

  • Banquet setup

  • Banquet Cleanup

  • People to visit Businesses to get donations for our fundraiser (We need table sponsors as well as prizes to be donated) 

Get Involved!

Volunteer's needed!!!






  • We need companies or individuals to sponsor tables for our casino party 

  • We need companies or individuals to donation prizes to give away at our casino party

Sponsor's Needed

Murrieta Junior All American Cheer